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  • The Psychopath Movie

    To go from aspiring to successful published nonfiction author, today you need more than a good idea and good writing you need more than a compelling query letter or an author platform.

  • The Ramsey Jay, Jr. Show: 2016 Preview

    You need to portal there be a good businessperson a good business partner for a publisher.

  • Tempe High Football Game Highlights

    This is especially true if click this link you want to self-publish essay maker your books.

  • Ramsey Jay, Jr.: 2016 Introduction

    By doing so you take on the job of publisher and publishing is the business purchase of selling books.

  • Is Justin Bieber GAY!?!

    When you buy essay online become an author, publishing becomes your business.

  • Ramsey Jay, Jr.: Keynote Speaker – UCLA Afrikan Graduation (Teaser)

    That means, like investigate this site it or not, you not only write, you sell books, too.

  • How much do Americans know about the 4th of July (Independence Day)

    That means you need to wear more than just a writer’s hat.


    One thing I go in here now know for sure, as oprah likes to say, is that most writers, maybe you, too, only like to wear one type of hat a writer’s hat.

  • “Strategize To Win” Los Angeles Book Signing (Teaser)

    To become a published author, you have to get yourself handy orten mit handynummer another hat a businessperson’s hat.


    Not only write essay must writing become your business but also publishing, promoting and selling books.